About Paula

Paula Read started out as a journalist and subsequently trained as a languages teacher. She lives in London now, but has also lived and worked in France, Canada (where she worked as a French/English interpreter) and the USA. The Hazelnut Grove is about the joys and woes of moving to another European country at a time when Europe signified something to be part of, not a place to escape from.

She has had several short stories published and is currently working on a second non-fiction book about the fate of forced labourers from occupied France in World War II.

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Recent Posts

Vichy – a warning?

The more I read of what happened in occupied France during the Vichy years of the Second World War and the aftermath, the more I see parallels with our current situation both in the post-Brexit UK, and in the USA as it grapples now with a post-Trump future. ‘France for the French’ ‘Make America greatContinue reading “Vichy – a warning?”

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