Consider Our Ways

May 20, 2022 How we treat femaie bodies (This short story was first published in Trading Places, 2019 anthology from @MomayaPress) PART 1 She couldn’t understand why she was having trouble turning her head. Her hair seemed to be caught on something hard. Her neck was pressing into her shoulders. Her eyes, just now openingContinue reading “Consider Our Ways”

Thinking about men and women

March 23, 2021 First anniversary of the lockdown The creation, ‘Marilyn Monroe,’ ponders her life as she is starting to gain recognition in her early days as an actress in 1950s Hollywood. So many rooms in so many buildings in so many locations. She cannot recall them all. She only knows that men are inContinue reading Thinking about men and women

The Tragedy of Factory Farming

March 10, 2021 Animals are not simply a food source for us humans Factory farming exists because we believe animals exist only for our use.  There is some recognition that farm and other animals are ‘sentient beings’ but this is not enough.  Animals are our fellow creatures. We must recognise a sense of equality.  Continue reading “The Tragedy of Factory Farming”

Vichy – a warning?

The more I read of what happened in occupied France during the Vichy years of the Second World War and the aftermath, the more I see parallels with our current situation both in the post-Brexit UK, and in the USA as it grapples now with a post-Trump future. ‘France for the French’ ‘Make America greatContinue reading “Vichy – a warning?”


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